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An increasingly popular and environmentally sustainable roofing option for homeowners, a professionally installed green roof system provides energy savings and promotes better air quality with oxygen-producing rooftop vegetation that also decreases carbon dioxide. In addition, a green roof construction has been proven to reduce the impact of 'heat island effect' which generates higher temperatures in urban areas due to trapped heat from concrete and asphalt.


a Green Roof?

Any rooftop covered in vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane can be classified as a "living roof". No to be confused with a collection of plant containers used to merely decorate a roof, Precision Roofing Pros LLC provides several energy efficient roofing extensions and additional options that include root barriers, efficient green roof drainage and irrigation systems layered with a solid substrate and waterproof barrier.


Green Roof System

As an experienced green roof company, Precision Roofing Pros LLC provides a range of roof solutions for either new builds or existing roof systems that are customized according to your requirements and budget. Whether you are looking for a roof extension and create a lush green flat roof, or would like to learn more about alternative eco roof options that include a green shingle roof, Precision Roofing Pros LLC green roof specialists provide energy saving systems based on two main categories:

Intensive Green Roof Systems

Also classified as an active living roof, this type of system supports a wide variety of vegetation that may include everything from trees and perennials, to ornamental grasses and herbs. With a broad potential for intricate design and biodiversity, the size of an intensive green roof system can range from a small intricately cultivated garden to a full-scale rooftop farm or park and often requires professional maintenance.

Extensive Green Roofs:

Also known as a sedum roof this low maintenance green roof system is a popular choice with both homeowners and provides efficient storm water management. In addition to certified green roof construction Precision Roofing Pros LLC experts assist clients with planning and plant selection which can range from mosses, succulents and sedums.

How Does a Green Roof Benefit the Community?

  • Natural air and water filtration
  • Green roofs produce oxygen, absorb heat and reduce carbon dioxide
  • Lessen the impact of urban heat island effect and reduce a property's air conditioning requirements
  • Absorbs rainwater reducing storm water runoff
  • Additional wildlife habitat
  • Additional food source
  • Extended roof life